Power Credit Enterprise Pte Ltd

About Us.

Licensed & Legal Moneylender

Power Credit is a licensed money lender, commissioned by the government of Singapore. Our loans offered provide our borrowers with a broad range of choices, from personal loans, payday loans, small business loans to loans for foreigners. Yes, even a foreigner can take up a loan with ease with Power Credit! We manage to do this through a fine balance of great service, swift loan disbursement and a keen listening ear.

Time and again, we have aided borrowers who face financial difficulties and require funds quickly. At times, unfortunately these borrowers can be placed in an inconvenient situation where they are unable to obtain a loan from the banks, in these cases, our money lending facilities are their next best choice. Your comfort in dealing with us is in the fact that we are fully licensed to operated, furthermore Power Credit complies by the Singapore Government’s Moneylenders Act, put in place to protect borrowers like yourself.

Whether you require a short term personal loan or longer term financing, we can customise a flexible solution for our borrowers. This places Power Credit leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors. Our terms of loan and application process is easy to understand, even for the lay man.

Why Borrow from Power Credit?

At Power Credit, we place utmost priority to customer service and satisfaction, regardless of the loan amount or profile of customer. We are one of the leading money lenders in Singapore, having customers who turn into recurring customers, after having had a pleasant borrowing experience.

Our loan consultants are at your service, to guide your through the entire easy borrowing process, we will be able to select the ideal loan package that will match your borrowing capabilities. Approach us today for a non obligatory free consultation to start!

Here are some reason customers choose to borrow with us.

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